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actress performer singer musician

academic consultant feminist politics

    lecturer phonetics, rhetoric, speech and voice

german as a second/foreign language-teacher


Jella Jost performed between 1990 and 2010 numerous works as an actress and as a singer at SCHAUSPIELHAUS WIEN, WIENER FESTWOCHEN, LANDESTHEATER LINZ, FREIEN SZENE WIEN, INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIONS and HOUSE PRODUCTIONS like „Yell“ or „Jella Jost verWEILLT und das Meer ist Blau“. In 2012 intensification and specification of her work as a lecturer in feminist voice trainings as well as publishing feminist texts and illustrations in a permanent column for the newspaper „Augustin“ and Anthologies. Feminism, Social Issues, Art und Culture is Jella Josts main emphasis. 2012 lectureship and teaching assignment speech, voice and phonetics at University for Arts in Linz/Austria. 2015 founding the Academy „Stimmwerk“.  May and December 2017 lectureship „voice and performing“ in context of University Dresden HfBK and Zentralwerk / Germany. Since March 2017 Resumption of her Concert-Activity with the Brecht-Weill-Program „Jella Jost verWEILLt und das Meer ist Blau“ and the premiere of her concert/performance “ Zen | Koto | Tea “ with profound poems from Ikkyū Sōjun, a famous zen-master from 15th century. 2018 lecturer in voice training at the academy of arts, vienna. 2018-2019 university study for german as second language Uni Wien. Mai 2019 Lectureship in academy of arts/Vienna as well as at the Sprachenzentrum Wien/ÖDaF-courses „voice and speech“. voicetraining: www.spracheundstimme.com 


  • 1981 Academy for Applied Arts | Sculpture | Wander Bertoni
  • 1981 -1985 Studies: Acting, Theaterhistory, Singing & Voice-Methods, Vocal- and Speech-Educations at Studio Prof. Peter Jost | Parity Diploma 1985-
  • 1985 1983 Expanded Acting-Studies in Zürich | Walter Lott – Strasberg Studio | Switzerland
  • 1984 bis 1985 Expanded Acting-Studies in New York | Berghof – Studio | USA
  • 1995 -1999 Education & Work as Cliniclown
  • 1998 Vocal Studies in Amsterdam | Summer University with Dominique Montain | France
  • 2005 – 2007 expanded Voice-Training | Cooperation with Ida Kelarova | Czech Republic
  • 2010-12 Study and Diploma in feministic Politics & Education | Academic Degree: Academic Consultant
  • Since 2017 Further professional Training in Linklater-Method with Sylvie Polz | Munich
  • 2018-19 Certificate: German as a second/foreign language (University of Vienna)


  • Social Justice Training with Dr. Gudrun Perko
  • conflictmanagement
  • Vienna Poetry Academy (sfd)
  • Clinic Clowns
  • Butho-Dance
  • Yoga-Teachers Diploma Canada
  • Qi Gong with Angela Cooper 
  • Projectorganisation and Sponsoring
  • Gender Mainstreaming Certificate 
  • Pantomime with Walter Bartussek 
  • Alexandertechnic with Alexandra Mazek 
  • Contact Improvisation-
  • Literary Biography Work
  • Several Feldenkrais-Courses
  • Course Mindfull Based Stress Reduction
  • Mudra Space Awareness/Performance. Teacher: Lee Worley/ Naropa-University USA

INSTRUMENTS  Piano, Accordion, Guitar, Overtone-Harp/Koto 

LIFE  Jella Jost works as an artist since more than 35 years. An outstanding multiplicity defines Jella Jost as a writer of a column in the newspaper Augustin in which she regularly writes and publishes drawings in Zen-style, in her compositions of music, in her impressing interpretations of songs and performances, in her voluminous voice over almost 4 octaves as well as her work as a lecturer for voice, speaking-training, phonetics and stage-work. The Arts always have been focus of her life, as she was born into a family of artists, an actor and teacher for speech and voice at Viennas Burgtheater and an opera-singer. Her personal artistic development was a difficult way, finding the creative approach to her own language, braking out from a patriarchal family system.

She loves to work interdisciplinary, interculturally with artists from various artistic sectors. Jella Jost prefers a profound approach to all her works. Enthusiasm, verve and a devotional approach are her attributes. Her interpretations of Songs are singular and powerful.

Rehearsing for "The Family Table" Wiener Festwochen
Rehearsing for „The Family Table“ Wiener Festwochen

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIONS WITH  Wiener Festwochen, Schauspielhaus Wien, Volkstheater Rote Bar, Jüdisches Museum, Akkordeon-Festival, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Jeunesse Wien, Linz 09, Wiener Konzerthaus, Arge Nonntal, Zagreber Kulturzentrum,  u.v.m.

  • David Maayan (Israel) | Wiener Festwochen
  • Chris Torch (USA) | Wiener Festwochen
  • Ida Keralova (Czech Republic) | Wiener Festwochen
  • Mara Mattuschka (Vienna) | Cooperation Film
  • Airan Berg | Schauspielhaus Vienna
  • Barry Kosky (Australia) | Schauspielhaus Wien
  • Prof. Harald Huber (College of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna)
  • Hans-Peter Horner (Vienna)
  • Justus Neumann (Vienna/Australia)
  • Fritz Kalmar (Uruguay)-
  • Isabella Beumer (Germany)
  • Miki Liebermann A                                                        
  • Tristan Schulze D
  • Dominique Montain F 
  • Renée Bottlang F
  • Maria Düchler A